Like a seed freshly put in the Earth to grow into a beautiful tree, Senivoda drops their debut album, so it may reach the ears and hearts of beautiful people all over the World!

'Dream & Water' was conceptualized in the Summer 17/18, among the most luscious jungle of The Northern River’s NSW, Australia. Recorded in a number of studios between Melbourne and Hong Kong, 'Dream & Water' features a collective of 21 musicians from all over the world. Released on the Angel date of the 11th of the 11th, the 11 songs were carefully crafted to take the audience on a spiritual sound journey, inspiring care for the Planet we live on, connection with oneself and the environment that surrounds.

Sen is dream, voda is water. Senivoda is an original music project of a Kiwi songstress of a polish decent, Ola Milena in collaboration with a bassist and instrumentalist, Raphael Bowen, whose roots lie in both Australia and Sri Lanka. 


Hailing from Melbourne, Senivoda creates  psychedelic world music, fusion of Jazz, Soul and prog rock, inspired by the melodies of polish mountain folk, the rhythms of indigenous tribes, infused with jazz harmonies, set in trance

evoking grooves. One of the most important aspects of the project is that it blends influences from around the world, bringing together international musicians to create a truly unique sound. Their songs are full of magic, focusing on the expansion of consciousness while addressing challenging ideas relevant to the world today.  Senivoda's mission is to spread awareness of the current state of Mother Earth and ways to help it heal.


The Senivoda experience expands beyond music. With the use of dance, theater, smoke and crystals, Ola Milena creates a multi-sensory experience for the audience to bathe in. The live show is a feast for all senses. 

With their music and magic, Senivoda has inspired the hearts of many listeners in Australia and the world, most recently completing a successful Hong Kong Tour.