'Dream & Water' was conceptualized in the Summer 17/18, among the most luscious jungle of The Northern Rivers' NSW, Australia. Recorded in a number of studios between Melbourne and Hong Kong, 'Dream & Water' features a collective of 21 musicians from all over the world. Released on the Angel date of the 11th of the 11th, the 11 songs were carefully crafted to take the audience on a spiritual sound journey, inspiring care for the Planet we live on, connection with oneself and the environment that surrounds.

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Water has always been sacred to the indigenous people of this Earth, in the early rituals of our ancestors and to this day in all religions that are practiced.

Water is also essential to our human existence and the life of all other creatures that share the planet with us. Right now more than ever we are called to respect this powerful element. With the fires raging through the jungles and forests of this world, with pollution that swallows the major cities, worldwide droughts that prevent the growth of crops, clean, drinkable water is to be cherished. 'Dream & Water' is a homage to the clean, natural, environment, a call out for awakening to the reality of our planet's situation, an inspiration for an action towards a more sustainable, healthy, clean world that all earthlings deserve to share. In our music you will hear the ways of the water. Let their magic wash over you clearing what is ready to be let go of. Let it inspire you to make the changes you wish to make. Let it help you see the world around you in a new way. And most importantly let it help you heal and help us all heal our home, Mother Earth, our community and our collective Spirit that is shared by all.

The creation of "Shut" begun in the polish Concentration Camps in Oświęcim/Auschwitz during a visit in 2014.
It sprouted thinking about land division, ownership of people and Earth. The song was finished in the time of forest blockades in Poland in 2017, when activists were tying themselves to trees while the government was cutting down the last piece of the Indigenous European Jungle. Puszcza Białowieska has the most wide variety of plants, mycelium and insects that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world any longer.

The video was filmed in the birthtown of Ola Milena, a small place on the corner of Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. The people of the area are currently facing issues such as the pine forest all around the town being radically cut down and a new basalt mine polluting the air and ruining the local infrastructure by using huge trucks to carry the basalt through the streets and bridges of the town, polluting and ruining the local environment.



Can we get through or have they shut the way?
Put electric current through the wires
As much of the green glowing light as I might have in my hands
I know I can not save the whole wide world

Can we get through or have they shut the way?
Put electric current through the wires
As much of the healing light as I might have in my hands
I know I can not save the whole wide world

On my own, on my own...

Zostawcie nasze zielone lasy
Nie niszczcie puszczy tylko dla kasy
Po co wam drzewa zdrowiutkie wycinac
Będą żubry i ptaki codziennie tam ginąć
Jeżeli zetniecie płuca naszej matki
Dusić się będziemy na jej grzbiecie głatkim


(Leave our green forests

Don't ruin the jungle only for money

What for do you cut the healthy trees

Bisons and birds will die there

If you cut the lungs of our Mother

We will suffocate on her bare back)

Melodją wiatru natura śpiewa
Z niej bije życie, szanować ją trzeba
Jesteśmy częścią pajęczyny światła
Chrońmy przyrodę by przyszłość nie zgasła


(With the wind's melody the nature sings

From her beats life, we must respect her

We are a part of the web of light

Let's protect nature so our future doesn't fade)

Gdy przyjdą pożary
Fale jak ściany
Topiąc obszary świata
Spełnią się koszmary
Zadając rany
Krzywdząc siostrę i brata
Nie uratuje nic nas juz przed ociepleniem
Jak zetniemy każdy las wzbydzając cierpienie


(When fires come

Waves like walls

Drowning spaces of Earth

Nightmares coming alive

Causing pain

Hurting sisters and brothers

Nothing will save us from the rising heat

If we cut every forest awakening suffering)

You can't get through 'cos we have shut the way
Peacefully standing still and not afraid
We need all the healing light that we can gather in our hands
United in our power to protect Nature's lands

United in our power,
United in our power!

Ola Milena ~ Vocals
Raphael Bowen ~ Bass
Farley Sangels ~ Trumpet
James Maccaulay ~ Trombone
Erica Tucceri ~ Flute
Danny Ross ~ Guitar
Rodolfo Hechavarria Despaigne Panga ~ Percussion
Felix Billington Kleinman ~ Drums

Engineered by Kristina Martisa, Mark Gillam, Joshua MacCluer
Mixed by Lamma Studios