'Dream & Water' Album review by Happy.Tv

"Throughout the new album, Senivoda glide through a hypnotic concoction of folk, soul, jazz, and, pop, delivering something uniquely their own. With endearing vocal hooks and rich, textured instrumental arrangements, Dream & Water is brimming with a free-flowing musical charm."

Live Show at Freespace Jazz Fest - Premiere by Happymag.TV

"Senivoda are the kind of collective made for the stage. Rich with themes of self-motivation and environmentalism, performance art is the perfect means for their expressionism."

Interview on 4ZZZ Radio - The Memeing of Life

Ola Milena chats to Jack about new album 'Dream & Water', Earth, environment and music.

Episode 09/12

Get Down with Chris Gill

World premier of Senivoda's new single 'Mama'.

Beat Magazine

Senivoda embrace the Australian landscape in all its glory on 'Dropz'.


Carefully considered and masterfully recorded, DROPZ from Senivoda boasts both the gentle flow of a mountain stream and the power of a thundering waterfall.

RRR 102.7FM - Get Down with Chris Gill

PBS 106.7FM - Mystic Brew with Mike Gurrieri

Beat Magazine

"Today local outfit Senivoda release their debut EP No Parrots In Poland, exclusively premiered by Beat." 

Tone Deaf

"Melbourne based fusion band Senivoda mix soul, jazz, polish mountain folk and psychedelic rock to make their own unique brand of sonic discovery."